McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

McAfee VirusScan has been NJIT's anti-virus protection package. With the onset of new threats on the internet, NJIT has licensed additional products to help protect our community. McAfee VirusScan now includes McAfee SiteAdvisor and Antispyware.  These additional products will help to protect your computer from potentially unwanted programs by using on-access scanning technology to block spyware and phishing attempts. These new features will be transparent to you except you will see a “McAfee” toolbar appear in your Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. When you search with Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL or Bing, you get a safety rating next to each search result.

Green check mark, yellow exclamation point and red prohibitory sign signals alert you to possible threats on the sites you visit, while gray question mark is for unrated websites. Hovering your mouse over the icon will give you a detailed explanation. This provides notification from of phishing scams lurking beneath seemingly innocent websites. Should you attempt to browse to a web site which is considered a high risk, your browser will be directed to a page indicating that the site is blocked and McAfee toolbar logo will turn red.

You can see more information about McAfee Site Advisor here:

NJIT's implementation

NJIT institutionally owned Microsoft based computers in the campus domains have these additional features automatically added and configured as part of the existing McAfee enterprise virus protection. For personally owned computers, the entire VirusScan Enterprise package is now available to the entire NJIT community (Students, Faculty and Staff). Personally owned computers can and should be updated by visiting the NJIT Virus & Malware Protection Center.

Please remember that NO anti-spyware package is guaranteed 100%. The NJIT community is advised to use caution when visiting sites on the Internet. Do not download software or files from an untrusted site in order to minimize consequences of placing NJIT’s and personal data at risk. Only use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox for accessing the web.

To download the latest VirusScan Enterprise for use on personally owned computers, please visit the software download page and click on VirusScan Enterprise (McAfee). SiteAdvisor and Antispyware are included in VirusScan Enterprise and do not need to be downloaded separately. You do not need to download VirusScan, SiteAdvisor or Antispyware for institutionally owned computers on the NJIT domain, since they receive all three products automatically.

Last Updated: June 17, 2019