Campus Bulletin, M2 and M3

Tools that allow communication with large groups of individuals both inside and outside the university.

Guidelines for Submitting Campus Bulletins

Campus Bulletins refer to the relevant news and announcements that are posted to Highlander Pipeline as well as email blasts sent to all or parts of the university community, or an outside group. 

Any faculty or staff member can submit a bulletin for approval via the Bulletin Services link under the Faculty/Staff Services tab on Highlander Pipeline.

Bulletins should meet the following guidelines:

  • Contain a clear and concise title
  • The content or body should answer these questions as appropriate:
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • What is it for?
    • Where is it being held or located?
    • When is it scheduled / What is the duration?
    • Why is it relevant?
  • All acronyms should be spelled out at least once for clarity
    • "Information Services & Technology (IST)" not just "IST"
    • "Student Financial Aid Services" (SFAS) not just "SFAS"
  • Include a contact person along with their email and/or phone number.

The spelling, grammar, professional nature of the content, and the content itself, is the responsibility of the submitter

If you have questions regarding bulletin submissions, please contact the IST Service Desk (

Last Updated: June 27, 2018