IST Services Maintenance Schedule

Regular system maintenance helps provide consistent and reliable service. Unfortunately, service interruptions must be scheduled to accommodate the maintenance activities.  IST endeavors to provide as much notice as possible for end user planning purposes.


IST Responsible Department Services Affected
UPS firmware upgrade – phase I 11PM Saturday during Weekend one week prior to Spring break – est. 6 hours


HPC applications
System reboots for minor patching application 11PM first Saturday of every month – est. 1 hour CST, UIS Most administrative and academic applications
UPS firmware upgrade – phase II 11PM last Saturday in April – est. 2 hours CST, UIS UIS Banner test/development system
Payroll disaster recovery test 6PM Tuesday after final payroll Monday – est. 9 hours CST, UIS UIS Plus test/development system
Systems patching – phase I 11PM  Saturday two weekends before spring break – est. 12 hours CST, UIS Most administrative applications
Systems patching – phase II 11PM  Saturday on the weekend before spring break – est.12 hours CST, UIS Most administrative applications
Annual UPS test Thursday during spring break at 3:00PM – est. 1 hour CST None expected
Data center equipment alignment Wednesday during spring break  8:00AM – est. 8 hours ARCS HPC Applications
Last Updated: August 2, 2016