The Office of Digital Learning

The department of Digital Learning, part of the Office of Digital Learning and Technology Support, provides assistance to faculty developing and delivering classes using instructional technology. We combine instructional design and technology to further the mission of teaching excellence in the classroom.

Our primary activities include the administration of the college’s Learning Management System (LMS); course design and consultation for online and face-to-face classes; faculty technology training for teaching and learning; professional development with technology for faculty and staff; providing assistance for on-campus technologies; and supporting relevant digital learning projects.

The instructional design team is collectively able to convert much of your traditional course material into state-of-the-art electronic teaching tools for delivery in traditional, hybrid, online, or converged learning modes. 

Instructional Designers are here to help you:

  • Prepare outcomes, assessments, and rubrics
  • Design course content to meet learning objectives
  • Convert face-to-face courses for online delivery
  • Resolve Moodle / Canvas issues
  • Learn Moodle / Canvas best uses and its various functions
  • Examine whether Moodle can adapt to your technical needs

Our Digital Learning Team:

Blake Haggerty, Executive Director - Digital Learning and Technology Support: or 973-596-2912, PC Mall rm 43

Nikki Bosca, Assistant Director - Digital Learning: or 973-596-3578, CKB rm G15

Amal Rohid Shah, Instructional Designer: or 973-642-7050, CKB rm G15

Jolanta Soltis, Senior Instructional Technologist: or 973-596-2925, PC Mall rm 44

Cassandra Sardo, Instructional Technologist: or 973-596-5233, CKB rm G15​


The Office of Digital Learning offers weekly workshops through the fall and spring semesters. For more information and to view the current schedule, click here.

Not sure who to contact?

If you’re unsure of who to contact, simply email our entire team at or call the IST Service Desk ( to request a consultation with one of the instructional staff members.

Last Updated: February 12, 2020