Institutional Computer Purchases

​​If your department is interested in purchasing an NJIT PC for institutional use, there are several options available at discounted prices from Dell. These authorized computers come preloaded with various NJIT-licensed software. For your convenience, we have organized the computers into three configurations:
  1. Standard (recommended)
  2. Specialty
  3. Advanced

The standard configurations are recommended for daily use for the vast majority of the NJIT community. These models are generally configured to handle multiple applications simultaneously, and in some cases can be used for light CAD or computation.

The specialty configurations are similar in capability to the standard configuration models, but can meet a more diverse set of needs such as ultra light-weight, touchscreen or 2-in-1 tablet/notebook capabilities, and/or reduced cable clutter. They are generally more expensive than the standard models.

The advanced configurations are the most expensive models, designed specifically for intensive computing and graphical applications. Both mobile and desktop workstation models are available. These models are suitable for high-end CAD work and light-to-medium rendering jobs.

Configuration Notebook (starting weight) Desktop
12.5" Latitude Notebook E5270 (3.29 lbs)
14.0" Latitude Notebook E5470 (3.88 lbs)
15.6" Latitude Notebook E5570 (4.61 lbs)
Optiplex 5040 Small-form Factor
Optiplex 5040 Minitower
Specialty 12.5" Latitude 2-in-1 Tablet Notebook 7275 (1.61 lbs)
12.5" Latitude Ultrabook E7270 (2.77 lbs)
14.0" Latitude Ultrabook E7470 (3.13 lbs)

Optiplex 7040 Micro form factor
​Optiplex 7440 All-in-One Touch

Advanced 15.6" Mobile Precision 3510 (4.75 lbs)
15.6" Mobile Precision 5510 (3.93 lbs)
15.6" Mobile Precision 7510 (6.16 lbs)
17.1" Mobile Precision 7710 (7.55 lbs)

Precision T3420 Small-form Factor
Precision T3620 Minitower
Precision T5810 Workstation

Models are subject to change and availability.

Complete specifications and configuration options for each of these models are available on the Dell-NJIT Institutional PC website. To obtain access to the Dell-NJIT Institutional PC website, please contact Joe Myers via phone (973-596-5789) or email (

For assistance in configuring one of the models above or if you have further questions, please contact the IST Service Desk (

Employees looking to purchase PCs at a discount using personal funds can visit for more information.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2018