NJIT Google Sites

A Google Site is an easy-to-create and maintain web space with a variety of controls for NJIT students and organizations as well as NJIT faculty and staff. Once someone logs into the NJIT Google domain space via their UCID, they will have the ability to create a Google Site for themselves, their student organization, or any academic or social purpose they desire as long as it adheres to Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources.

A significant benefit of using a Google Site is the ease with which the site can be created and modified. No programming skills are necessary, and Google provides a variety of widgets and themes that can be integrated into the site. Additionally, there are a number of controls that allow the site to be viewed and/or edited only by those people permitted to do so by the owners of the site.

Available to: NJIT faculty, staff, students, and student organizations

Key Features:

  • Easy page creation – Create a new page with just a few clicks of a mouse – no programming skills required.
  • Access restriction – Easily control who can view or edit your information.
  • Customizable look and feel – Change the appearance of your site by selecting a pre-made template from the Google Sites template gallery – or create your own.

How do I access Google Sites?

Please visit http://webmail.njit.edu/, log into your NJIT Webmail by Google account, and click on the Sites link.

What are the benefits of creating a Google Site as a sanctioned student organization?

Sanctioned organizations can request "vanity addresses" that are shorter and easier to share with others. The shorter format for the web site will be: http://clubs.njit.edu/clubname, http://greeks.njit.edu/fratORsororityname or http://associations.njit.edu/associationname. To seek sanctioning, the student organization should contact their respective governing body. When choosing a "vanity addresses" for your sanctioned organization, please use NJIT's "vanity addresses" naming conventions.

The NJIT sites will be divided into one of the following three groups:

For information on how to become sanctioned organization, please click here.

How do I use Google Sites?

Last Updated: June 29, 2017