NJIT Google Groups

Google Groups is a communications tool that gives you the ability to email predefined groups of people quickly and easily using a single recipient address. You can use Google Groups to communicate regularly with other members of your department, fellow students, club members, or individuals sharing involvement with a particular project or event. Google Groups can be used as a shared email Inbox, class, department or work group, mailing list, email alias, or web forum. Official NJIT groups such as departments or student organizations should be created as sanctioned groups.

Available to: NJIT faculty, staff, students, and student organizations

What is a sanctioned Google Group?

Sanctioned groups can request "vanity addresses" that are shorter and easier to share with others. This shorter format for the group email address will be: orgname@njit.edu. Non-sanctioned groups will automatically have "-group" appended to their email address (example: orgname-group@njit.edu).

How does a NJIT staff/faculty member create a sanctioned Google Group?

  1. Review the instructions regarding Google Group naming conventions and required information located here.
  2. Contact the IST Service Desk (servicedesk.njit.edu) to register your Google Group.
  3. You will be notified when your group is ready to use.
  4. If you are the owner of the group, click here to learn how to manage your Google Group.

How does a student organization create a sanctioned Google Group?

For student organizations seeking to either become a sanctioned organization or create a sanctioned Google Group, please visit the the Student Clubs and Organizations E-presence page, located here.

How do I access Google Groups?

Go to http://webmail.njit.edu/, log in to your NJIT Webmail by Google account. Click the "Apps" icon located on the top, right corner next to your UCID@njit.edu and choose Groups. See picture below.

Note:  Once someone logs into the NJIT Google domain space via their UCID, they will have the capability to create a Google Group for themselves, their student organization, or any academic or social purpose they desire as long as it adheres to Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources. The self created groups will have "-group" appended to its email (example: orgname-group@njit.edu).

How do I use Google Groups?

  • To learn how to use your Google Group as an administrator, click here.
  • To learn how to use Google Group as a participant, click here.
  • To learn how to create an email alias for your group, click here.
  • Google Groups FAQs

What type of groups can I create?

  • Create a group as an email list.
    An email list group is one whereby members only use email to communicate. This group type is common in groups where a single email alias is desired to communicate to a certain group of people using email.
  • Create a group as a web forum.
    A web forum group is one whereby members only use the Google Groups user interface to communicate with other members. This group type is similar to the online web forums found on many web sites.
  • Create a group as a Q&A forum.
    A question and answer (Q&A) forum group is one whereby members use the Google Groups user interface to primarily answer the questions of other members. This group type is similar to the online product forum.
  • Create a group as a collaborative inbox.
    A collaborative inbox allows members of a group to manage the workflow state of topics within the group. These groups have specific features and permissions set. If you choose not to use these features, they will need to be disabled individually. To learn more about creating a collaborative inbox, please click here.




Last Updated: June 27, 2018