Google Classroom

NJIT allows faculty to use Google Classroom, part of the suite of services provided by Google Apps for Education.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom allows teachers to create discussions, post messages, collect assignments (digital dropbox), share content, and allow collaboration with Google Drive. NJIT uses Moodle as the platform of choice for a learning management system, but Google Classroom is available as a basic alternative.

What are the benefits to Google Classroom?

Classroom is easy to use and can be setup within a matter of minutes. The workflow for a Classroom page is simple and requires very little tutorial or instruction. Communication tools are built right in and allow faculty to easily contact and manage students. Course pages in Classroom are well designed and modern. Google Drive is integrated throughout Classroom. There is a Google Classroom mobile app that students can download and use to communicate with the class.

What are the drawbacks to Google Classroom?

The features of Classroom are not on par with Moodle. Therefore, using Classroom is not recommended for teachers who teach online or who use Moodle for more than just a basic file repository and discussion.

  • Powerful functions such as the grade book, assignment options, and quizzes are not part of Google Classroom.
  •  Classroom is not integrated with our student information system. Students must either be invited to your page or add themselves with a unique code generated from your Classroom page.

Does Google use my information in the course for advertisements?

Classroom contains no ads and none of the content is used for advertising purposes.

I would like to learn more about Google Classroom. How can I get started?

Last Updated: June 27, 2018