Entertainment Devices on the Residence Life Network

In order to connect to the campus wireless network, using wireless network NJIThousing/NJITsecure, the device must support WPA2-enterprise. Your device will ask for a username and password instead of a security key or passphrase. If this is not supported, you could use wireless network "NJITGuest", your device will need a native Web Browser which supports the redirect for web-based Authentication.

It has been our experience that most Entertainment Devices do not support WPA2 Enterprise, however, it may have a web browser. If it does you can use NJITguest. 


Our current recommendation is to use a consumer grade router such as Netgear, Linksys, Ubiquity, etc. You would connect this to the wired port in your room. Then connect a PC or other device that supports authentication logon. The port will authenticate the router, and anything connected to it will have network access. You do not have to leave the PC connected, but you will have to re-authenticated periodically to maintain the connection.

You can use wired or wireless on the router. We recommend using wired. If you choose to use wireless we ask that you only turn on the 5 Mhz radio, set it to a 20 Mhz bandwidth, and include your UCID and room in the SSID. This is so it does not interfere with your neighbors and the production wireless. You should password protect it and not share it, as any usage will be logged to your UCID.

Last Updated: September 11, 2018