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Email at NJIT

Email is an essential aspect of communication for NJIT students, faculty, and staff. Students should familiarize themselves with NJIT's policy on email for official communications to students.

Current NJIT Email System

Webmail by Google is the email system for faculty, staff, students, and alumni affiliated with NJIT. All NJIT faculty,students and members of the alumni community are given an official NJIT email address on this system.

Your official NJIT email address will be of the form:

Faculty/Staff: (Preferred Email);
Alumni: or

Some important things for you to know:

  • All official university communications sent to your official NJIT email addresses will be received in Webmail by Google.
  • You can access your Webmail by Google email anytime by visiting or by configuring an email client. 
  • Your Webmail by Google account's storage capacity will start at 30 GB.
  • Email Forwarding: All NJIT business must be managed, received, and sent from your preferred NJIT email address. Forwarding to your personal email address is not permitted.

Accessing NJIT Email

There are several different methods of accessing your Webmail by Google email. You can use the web interface or a software application installed on your computer.

     The following links are instructions for configuring alternate email software applications. IST does not support any of the following clients:

Previous NJIT Email Systems

ADM, Mailhost and Oak - All faculty, student and alumni accounts on the Mailhost and Oak systems have been transitioned to Webmail by Google.The old systems are no longer available.


Last Updated: August 28, 2015