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Wireless Network

​NJIT has installed new wireless networking throughout the NJIT campus. The network includes simpler to use and more secure authentication methods. The new authentication methods are being introduced through two additional wireless “Network Names” or SSID’s. All wireless SSIDs are listed here in recommended order of use:

  1. "NJIThousing" – Only for residential students - this should be the highest for them.
  2. "NJITsecure" - Should be highest for all non-residential students, faculty, and staff, and the second highest for residential students.
  3. "NJIT" – Guest Usage or for temporary devices only, should be low or "forget" it.
  4. Public WiFi - The NJIT campus is surrounded by public WiFi networks which you may have access to. These networks should be set with a preference order lower than the NJIT wireless networks. This will help you stay connected to NJIT's wireless network.

Recommended Wireless Network Preference

There are multiple wireless networks available on the NJIT campus. This makes the preference order important. Most devices support a preference order. Should your device not support a preference order it may be necessary to "forget" a network, or remove it from the configuration if it is interfering with your NJIT connection.

All non-NJIT wireless networks, such as home and commercial networks, which are out of range, can be set anywhere in the preference order.

New wireless networks:

  • "NJITsecure" - Encrypts your traffic and allows you to remain authenticated without having to reenter your credentials.  It is more convenient for mobile device users. Authenticate using your UCID and NJITDM or ACADEMIC password. For more information about using "NJITsecure" please click here. The "NJITsecure" wireless network should be used for smartphones, tablets, Windows Domain registered notebooks, and other devices you connect to the network regularly.  The "NJITsecure" wireless network should be "preferred" over the "NJIT" wireless network, or the device should "forget" the "NJIT" wireless network.
  • "NJIT" - authenticate using your UCID and UCID password (Replacement for old "njit").  The “NJIT” network name is an open, unencrypted network; however, the password exchange during authentication is now secure. “NJIT" authentication is accessible via a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. The "NJIT" wireless network should only be used for the casual connection, a temporary, or loaner computer, or connecting a guest device for a short time.
  • "NJIThousing" - Currently available only in the NJIT Residence Halls, this SSID is dedicated to residential students and provides them a wireless connection to the networks in the Residence Halls while offering a secure and encrypted wireless network. This wireless network will only be available to the areas in and around the NJIT residential buildings. Authenticate using your UCID and NJITDM or ACADEMIC password. The "NJIThousing" wireless network should be "preferred" over the other NJIT wireless networks for residential students only.

The new wireless networks are offered throughout the campus.

Current students, faculty, staff, and alumni with a valid UCID may use the wireless network after authenticating. If you are an alumni who does not have a UCID you can create one here.