NJIT Internet Bandwidth

NJIT has several wide area network connections to a variety of resources. These include a primary and a secondary commodity or Internet 1 connection to two different Tier 1 Internet Service Providers.  These connections provide both aggregated bandwidth to Internet 1 as well as redundancy and failover. NJIT is a full Internet 2 member with a dedicated connection to the Internet 2 Network through the regional provider MAGPI. NJIT is a member of NJEDge.Net, providing dedicated bandwidth to a statewide network designed to enhance the teaching, research and public service missions of New Jersey's colleges and universities.

Name Connection Type Physical Speed Usable Bandwidth
Internet from CenturyLink SeS 1 Gig 1 Gb/s 300 Mb/s
Internet from NJEDge.NET 20 Gig Fiber 20 Gb/s 2000 Mb/s
Internet 2 20 Gig Fiber 20 Gb/s 100 Mb/s


Total commodity Internet usable bandwidth:  2300 Mb/s
Total Internet 2 usable bandwidth:   100 Mb/s
Total usable bandwidth:  2400.00 Mb/s

On-Campus Networking

Access to the NJIT Network is available on-campus in a variety of ways. Wireless and wired connections allow users to bring their own laptops or hand held devices to access computing resources. All students living in the residence halls are given a wired access port to be used for their classwork. Each office is provided with a high-speed connection to the NJIT network and Internet.

Off-Campus Networking

Computing from off-campus can be handled using your own ISP, or a remote location's access to the Internet (eg. hotel or other universities). VPN allows you to securely access computing services that are restricted to on-campus use. The Van Houten Library has a proxy service that can be used, which will allow you to access all of the on-line research databases as if you were on-campus.

Statistics on Total Usable Bandwidth

Click here to view graphs of NJIT bandwidth usage.

Last Updated: May 4, 2017