Public Computing Lab Rules

There is a list of general rules posted at each public computing lab. Whereas some labs may have altered their rules, the following list is to be read carefully and adhered to.


  • Food or drink in the lab, whether actively being consumed or not
  • Loading personal software on PC
  • Modifying settings on PC
  • Printing multiple copies of anything (copy machine available in library)
  • Printing of user manuals
  • Printing of non-classwork items (personal items)
  • Disruptive or loud behavior
  • Children
  • Non-authorized personnel
  • Physical abuse of lab equipment including chairs, PCs, walls, boards, printers, desktops, etc.
  • Use of own paper or transparencies


  • Use of PCs for classwork
  • Printing single copy of class related items
  • Headphones for listening to any audio


  • Lab Staff have the right to ask to see valid NJIT ID of anyone in the lab at anytime.
  • Lab Staff reserve the right to ask anyone to remove food or drink from the lab whether or not it is being consumed.
  • Lab Staff reserve the right to confiscate or stop unauthorized printouts.
  • Lab Staff reserves the right to have a person working on non-NJIT classwork give up their PC seat to a person working on NJIT- class work. Priorities include class work , labs, projects, and research.
  • Lab Staff can require anyone not adhering to the rules/notes to leave the lab.
Last Updated: November 5, 2014