Common VPN Errors

Error Message Possible Cause
Login failure due to: RADIUS Authentication Failure 
Login Failed. Please verify the entered login information is correct.
The Username or Password you used is incorrect. Verify that you are using your valid UCID and password.


Operating system not supported. Setup failed. Problem:
    You are using an operating system that is not supported for VPN use.

     Contact the IST Service Desk for details about options for the operating system you are using.

Failed to get DNS & WINS configuration information through extranet connection. Problem:
     Your ISP or workstation is unable to complete the IPSec tunnel.

Possible Causes:
     This may happen if  you are running a personal Firewall. It can also happen if you are  using a Cable or DSL connection with IP Hosting. 

     If you have a personal firewall Deactivate it. If the VPN works then you will need to adjust your firewall setting to accommodate NJIT address space as part of your local network.

     If you are IP Hosting with DSL or cable modem, contact your provider for information on how to configure for VPN.

Unable to resolve the IP Address of the remote server. Verify the host name in the Destination field is correct. Problem:
     The Destination address of the VPN server is incorrect.  

     In the Cisco VPN Client, select the NJIT connection entry and click the Modify icon.  In the Host field, verify that the address is entered correctly.  The correct address is .

BannerSock: The attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection. Problem:
     Your ISP or company local firewall is preventing IPsec protocols, or your local NAT device is not supporting the IPSec protocols properly.
Last Updated: April 9, 2018