Class Management Tools

Content Management

Content management tools enable you to create, organize, and disseminate your content to your intended audience


Moodle is an online learning management system which enables remote web-based learning and supplements traditional classroom learning. Moodle also has Turnitin integration, which enables instructors to check digitally submitted student papers for possible plagiarism.

Google Classroom

NJIT allows faculty to use Google Classroom, part of the suite of services provided by Google Apps for Education.

Research Tools


EndNote© is a bibliographical program used by researchers, students, scholarly writers, and librarians for citation management.


Desktop Capture and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and desktop capture are used to create and share content from one location to the public, or a select group of individuals/students. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can use the webcam on your device for a video conference, or GITC room 1403, which contains a Polycom HDX 8000 (a high-definition video-conferencing unit). This is frequently utilized for classes with other universities, as well as thesis defenses and dissertations, which allow remote panelists to participate. For more information, contact Bill Duelly, 973-596-3285 or Kip Rowan, 973-596-6346.

Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay allows you to record any activity on your desktop along with audio. It has been successfully used for recording classes, student presentations, and short learning objects. Use the link below to download and use Relay. If you have any issues, please contact Bill Duelly, 973-596-3285 or Kip Rowan, 973-596-6346 for assistance.


Webex is a web-based application that runs on PC or MAC allowing for two way audio and video (if web cams are available).  A whiteboard that can be drawn on (a tablet or tablet PC is ideal for this) is available as well as the ability to share the desktop. All that is needed is a headset/mic combo and an internet connection. A webcam and tablet are helpful but are not required. If you have any questions, email Bill Duelly or call (973) 596-3005.


Instructional Support 

An instructional team team is available to help instructors design both online and traditional face-to-face courses. Instructors can learn how to incorporate distance-learning components into their classrooms. Instructors also have the ability to experiment with new technology to enhance their teaching methods. To learn more about our instructional team, please click here.

Last Updated: January 9, 2018