Cisco IP Phone Interface

Refer to the information below to familiarize yourself with the buttons and their corresponding functions for your new Cisco phone. 

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Figure 1. Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series Buttons and Features

Phone Buttons Features

Contacts, Applications, and Messages
Applications/Settings: Call history, preferences, accessories, administrative settings, and more.

Contacts: Personal and Corporate Directory options.

Voicemail: Automatically dials Voicemail system.

Volume button
Volume: Ringer and call volume adjustment.
Speakerphone, Mute, and Headset
Headset: Pick up call, initiate call, or end call with headset set as audio path.

Speakerphone: Pick up call, initiate call, or end call with speakerphone set as audio path.

Mute: Mute your audio. Lit red when on.
Navigation cluster 

Navigation ring and Select   button—Scroll through menus, highlight items, and select the highlighted item.You use the outer ring of the Navigation cluster to scroll through menus. You use the inner Select button of the Navigation cluster to select menu items.
Hold/Resume, Conference, and Transfer Transfer: Transfer call to another number.

Conference: Create a conference call with up to 6 participants.

Hold/Resume: Places a connected call on hold and resumes the held call.

 Programmable feature buttons and line buttons
Feature and Line buttons: Located on either side of the screen, give you access to phone features and phone lines. They illuminate to indicate status (see picture above).
Softkey buttons

Softkeys: Access functions and services. Located below the screen, this lets you do even more with your phone. They change depending on what you are doing at the time. The (...) softkey means that more softkeys are available. 


Phone Screen Features

The phone screen shows information about your phone such as directory number, active call and line status, softkeys, speed dials, placed calls, and phone menu listings. The screen is made up of three sections: the header row, the middle section, and the footer row.


Figure 2. Cisco IP Phone 7800 Screen

At the top of the screen is the header row. The header row displays the phone number, current date and time, and a number of icons. The icons display when features are active.

The middle of the phone screen displays the information associated with the line and feature buttons on the phone.

The bottom row of the screen contains the softkey labels. Each label indicates the action for the softkey button below the screen.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017