Delegators: The instructions on the first part of this page are for you as a supervisor/delegator to follow and must be completed before the delegate can move forward.

Delegates: Please go here for your part of the process once the Delegator has completed their part. 

If you are a delegate, please note that your supervisor/delegator must complete their instructions before you can complete yours. 

Delegator/Supervisor Instructions:

To delegate your calendar to another employee so they can read and create appointments on your behalf, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into Webmail by Google with your UCID and UCID password.

2. Click the Calendar button at the top of your screen, as pictured in the image below:

3. In the left hand column you'll see your calendars listed. Your main Calendar is the one with your name as the title. Hover over the calendar you wish to share, and an arrow will appear. Click the arrow next to the calendar you wish to share as shown below:

4. In the drop down list that appears, click on the "Share this Calendar" button as seen in the image below:

5. Look at the image below (Click on the image to enlarge). In the section titled "Share with specific people," 1. Enter your delegate's email address; 2. Make sure "Make changes" is selected in the drop down list (Selecting "Make changes AND managing sharing" will allow your delegate to share your calendar with others without your consent); 3. Click the "Add Person" button.

6. Make sure you click the Save button to save your changes. See below:

7. As the delegator, you're finished!

From this point on the delegate needs to choose the proper instructions depending on whether they are using Outlook or the Web Interface. Delegation is not supported from any other client. 

Delegate Instructions:

Choose the "Outlook Users" link if you are using MS Outlook and the "Web Interface Users" link if you are using the Webmail by Google web interface.

Outlook Users

Web Interface Users

Outlook Users: If you're using Outlook you'll notice that when you go to your calendar you have a new calendar listed under "My Calendars." See the image below (You can click on the image to make it larger). To create and see events, make sure the calendar with your delegator's email address is checked. You can use the calendar interface as normal. If you wish to create events for your delegator, make sure you have his or her calendar selected before you click "New Appointment" (If you have more than one calendar showing, the selected calendar's title will be in bold at the top of the calendar pane.).


Web Interface Users

1. Click on the "Calendar" button at the top of the page as shown below.

2. Now on the left hand side of the page under "My calendars" you will see your Delegator's calendar (usually their name). See the image below. You can turn their calendar on and off  by clicking on it. If the box to the left of the calendar name is white, then the appointments are not shown on screen. If the box has a color in it, the appointments for that calendar will show up in the calendar pane in the middle of the screen in that color.

3. Now when you click on the calendar pane to create an event you'll see a drop down list named "Calendar:" From this list choose the calendar you want to add the event to. Click on your delegator's name if you wish to create an event in their calendar. See below for reference.

4. You're finished! You can use the calendar as normal, but remember that if you want to create an event for your delegator, you must make sure their calendar is selected when you create the event.


Last Updated: June 29, 2017