Information Services and Technology

Campus Bulletins

News and announcements are submitted to be posted as bulletins on Highlander Pipeline. These bulletins will only be posted in Highlander Pipeline.  All submitted bulletins go through an approval process and then appear in the proper sections in Highlander Pipeline. To submit a bulletin request, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. In the "UCID:" field, enter your UCID. In the "Password:" field, enter your UCID Password and then click the Login button. If you do not know your UCID or forget your password, please click on the link for that on the Highlander Pipeline signon page.

  3. From the "My Pipeline" page, click the "Faculty/Staff Services" tab.

  4. Under "Other Resources," click "Bulletin Services."

  5. Click "Add a new article" to create a new bulletin. Follow the on-screen instructions.


 If you require technical support, please contact the IST Helpdesk.


Last Updated: December 2, 2014