Banner 9

What is the Banner 9 Upgrade?

Banner® 9 by Ellucian is a major modernization to the university’s primary administrative information systems. It delivers a fresh user experience, many new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across all Banner components. Banner 9 eliminates the existing web browser restrictions and will be available on mobile devices.

How is Banner changing?  

Self-Service Banner (SSB) becomes Self-Service Applications in Banner 9:

  • SSB is changing from a large set of individual links performing relatively discrete functions, to a smaller and more organized set of applications, each around related functions. For example, the new Banner 9 Self Service application for Student Registration allows students to prepare for and view pre-registration requirements, get a head start by building registration plans ahead of the open of registration, browse and register for classes quickly- all within an intuitive consumer web experience.

Internet-Native Banner (INB) becomes Banner Administrative Pages in Banner 9:

  • INB in Banner 8 was built on Oracle Forms. Banner 9 replaces the Oracle Forms with Administrative Pages. Although the functionality of Administrative Pages is the same as their Oracle Forms counterpart, the user interface is significantly modernized and very intuitive for existing Banner INB users

Will I need Training for Banner 9?

Banner 9 focuses on enhancements to the user experience of the prior SSB and INB, improving the usability of the new Self-Service Applications and Administrative Pages. Early adopters of Banner 9 have easily adapted to and like the new user interface without formal training.  

What is the timetable for releasing Banner 9?

Several of the new Banner 9 Self Service Applications have already been released:

  • Student Registration
  • Faculty Class Lists
  • Faculty Grade Entry

These Banner 9 Self-Service Applications can work alongside their Banner 8 SSB counterparts. SSB will remain available until all Banner 9 Self-Service Applications are made available during the spring 2019 semester.   

Banner 9 Administrative Pages will be released on a rolling basis during the summer and fall of 2018. INB and all Oracle Forms will be retired by December 31, 2018.

Last Updated: June 19, 2018