AFS Web Space for NJIT's Student Clubs and Organizations E-Presence

​NJIT AFS web space is available for any Senate, GSA, or IFSC sanctioned student organization. Once a student organization receives AFS webspace, they will have the capability to create a web page for their organization as long as it adheres to Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources.

Another option to consider for student organization webspace is Google Sites. Google Sites is a fast and simple way of obtaining NJIT webspace for your student organization and requires no HTML or programming knowledge.

Student organization communications (email/listserv) are now handled by NJIT's Google Groups.

If AFS webspace is chosen instead of Google Sites, there is more flexibility, along with more expertise needed :

  • Choice of webpage languages, and complete control over the coding of web pages
  • Choice of website development tools
  • Choice of database backends
  • Support for CGI, and choice of scripting languages
  • Support for Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Choice of whether website is public or private

Accessing AFS web pages

  • Student organization AFS webpages will be served from the AFS directory /afs/cad/web/club/<clubname>/public_html.
  • UCIDs authorized by the Student Senate, GSA, or IFSC will have write permission in /afs/cad/web/club/<clubname>/public_html, which can be accessed from any Open AFS client computer.

The published URL will be in the form :<clubname>, or<orgname> or<associationname>. When choosing a name for your organization, please refer to NJIT's naming conventions for "vanity addresses."

Note: No new DNS (domain name service) entries for student organizations of the form are allowed.

For information on how to become a sanctioned organization, please click here.

Last Updated: February 7, 2020