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NJIT Computing Accounts

NJIT has a rich and heterogeneous computing environment supporting a wealth of applications and services across many different operating systems and platforms.  This page provides a brief overview of the different computing accounts and resources at NJIT.

University Computing ID (UCID)

Most of the computing services available to NJIT students, faculty, and staff will require that you login with a username and password.  Your University Computing ID (UCID) is a single university-wide identifier that is used to access most of the computing services on and off-campus. (more info)

Major Computing Environments

There are three major computing environments used to deliver services to the university community.

Andrew File System (AFS)

Highlander AFS is the primary academic computing environment which provides a broad spectrum of both commercial and open source application software, compilers, and utilities used for class work and research. (more info)

Microsoft Windows Domains

There are three Microsoft Windows environments, also known as domains. You will need an account for one of these domains when you need access to a Windows personal computer on campus.  Mac and Linux PC users will also be able to access certain Windows-based services such as network file services.  Students will primarily use the Academic domain while on-campus.  Faculty and staff will be using the  NJITDM domain.  The New Jersey School of Architecture provides its students and faculty with the NJSOA domain to handle specific day-to-day operations.  (more info)

Administrative Systems

To access university’s student, financial, and human resource databases use Banner Finance, Banner Student or Banner HR.  (more info)

Temporary Accounts

NJIT’s public computing labs require that you login with a username and password.  For special events temporary access can be obtained by contacting the IST help desk @973-596-2900.  Please give the help desk representative the following information:

Password Management

Each of the computing environments will use your UCID as the username and require its own separate password, which is established the first time you create that specific account.  The password management system, known as UPR, will allow users to reset their passwords. (more info)