User Webpage Policy

All AFS accounts are eligible to have pages in their public_html directory served from the Webservers running on, and on -

  • No aliases are permitted for the standard user URL :<ucid>
  • The serving of pages from is closely monitored. Excessive use of resources on by any user is not allowed. When a user's Website generates an excessive amount of traffic over a period of several hours, that Website will be disabled, without prior notice, and the user so informed by mail to <ucid>
  • Users whose Web pages are repeatedly disabled are subject to permanent disabling of their Web pages.


Audio and video files


Hosting audio and video files from user accounts on, and on - is disabled. This action was necessitated by severe degradation of services on Webservers caused by the serving of these files.

Audio or video files in AFS user accounts can be served from one Webserver only: The URL to be used in your Web pages to have audio or video files served from is:<ucid>/....

where the ellipsis (....) indicates the path to the audio or video file, and <ucid> is to be replaced by your UCID.

For example, if your UCID is nji789, and you want to serve the video file picnic.mpeg from the ClassEvents directory in your public_html directory, the URL to be placed in your Web page would be:

Faculty are exempted from the above restriction on -- i.e., http requests to for faculty audio and video files are automatically served from (without faculty having to do anything to make this happen).

Users of NJIT computing resources must adhere to the policies stated at: Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources

General Information about Webhosting

Last Updated: December 2, 2014