Department LogoInformation Services and Technology


The IST Division is organized into six functional departments:

Technology Support Center (TSC) – TSC is the primary user services organization within the IST Division.  TSC operates the IST HelpDesk, Computer Maintenance Facility (CMF), and all campus-wide public computing labs hardware and software.  A team of IT consultants provides specialized support for faculty and staff on advanced software, learning management systems, and other applications.  TSC Mission Statement .

Computer Operations and Production Services (COPS) – COPS operates the university’s central computer room and staffs a 24-hour computer operation 5 ½ days per week.  COPS is responsible for enterprise backups and production support for all enterprise applications.  COPS Mission Statement.   

Telecommunications and Networks (Telecom) – Telecom operates the university’s voice, video, and data networks; wired and wireless connectivity on campus; provides local area network (LAN) administration, and manages the university's external connectivity to the Internet, Internet2, NJEDge.Net, and others.  Telecom also provides specialized network and academic support for the College of Arts & Design.  Telecom Mission Statement.

Academic and Research Computing Systems (A&RCS) – A&RCS supports the instructional and research initiatives of the university by providing the environments necessary to do advanced computational work, general purpose file space, and specialized software and tools including open source and commercial software products. A&RCS also provides specialized instruction and research support to the College of Computing Sciences. A&RCS Mission Statement.

University Information Systems (UIS) – UIS is responsible for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of all enterprise applications including the core business systems, the university portal, learning management systems, mail systems and others.  UIS Mission Statement.

Instructional Technology and Media Services (ITMS) – ITMS encompasses three different groups. They include the Instructional Resource Center, Instructional Support Services, and Instructional Video Services. ITMS manages classroom support, campus-wide media systems, and special event technology among other things. ITMS Mission Statement.