SAS Installation Instructions

1. Unzip all 5 files that you downloaded from the IST Software Download website. Open 9C711W_ds01 folder and double click on setup.exe to start the installation process.

 2. Wait for the setup program to load. Choose Language and click OK.

3.  SAS Deployment Wizard will start. 


4. Select the Install SAS software option and click the Next > button.


5. Review information below and click the Next > button.


6. SAS will start Checking System process. Click Next > when finished.


7. Click Start to beging installation process.


8. During the installaion you will see progress bare as shown in the image below.

9. You will be asked multiple times to choose different folder / insert disk to complete the installation. Click on Browse button and choose appropriate folder. If they asked you to insert SAS Software Disk 1 you will choose 9C711W_ds01, if they asked you to insert SAS Software Disk 2, you will choose 9C711W_ds02, ect.  . See descripton and image below.

   9C711W_ds01: SAS Software Disk 1
   9C711W_ds02: SAS Software Disk 2
   9C711W_ds03: SAS Software Disk 3
   9C711W_ds04: SAS Software Disk 4
   9C711W_ds05: SAS Software Disk 5

10. After the installation is completed you will see the Deployment Complete window. Click Next >.

11. Read the information about aditional resources and click Finish.





Last Updated: August 5, 2019